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Sunday, 28 March 2021 01:13

Development of PMO & Data Quality Framework at iForte Solusi Infotek

Project Management Office (PMO) & Data Quality is one of the concept in project management. The development of the telecommunications industry is currently undergoing changes by transforming into the world of digitalization. This can be seen from the increasing variety of new product services that are being introduced quickly to the consumers and with the development of information technology and industry 4.0. This condition will increase the intensity of business competition in the telecommunications service industry, especially in Indonesia, where every organization is demanded to immediately reassess both internal and external business strategies which aim to provide service and customer satisfaction and also create business sustainability. 

In line with the company's business strategy, one of the most significant developments in recent years is the formalization of the Project/Program Management Office (PMO) implementation, which is becoming increasingly important for organizations in dealing with project management and customer service needs. Due to the beneficial effects of implementing PMO, an increasing number of organizations are choosing to form a PMO to support and manage project management efforts. 

Project Management Office (PMO)

The need for a timely response to market changes, customer demand, and technological improvements makes an organization or company to develop its human resource skills, with knowledge and understanding of project management, so that the company's business development can run more effectively and efficiently in accordance with Good Corporate Governance (GCG). One of the efforts to implement and develop project organizational governance is the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO) work unit. PMO is responsible for integrating all work units to carry out the agreed governance and business processes. Thus, PMO is a work unit or department that develops methodologies and institutionalizes project management governance practices. 

Based on the definition from the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Project Management Office (PMO) which is also referred to as the Project Management Department is an organizational structure that standardizes the governance processes associated with the project and facilitates various resources, methodologies, standards, and techniques. And based on the PMO Global Alliance, PMO is a physical entity within an organization that centrally carries out functions related to projects, programs, or portfolio management activities. PMO can be interpreted as a specific need for the stakeholders, this makes the structure and configuration of the PMO unique to each organization. 

The objective of project management is to focus on achieving the project objectivity plan in the short term, while the objective of PMO is to focus on supporting the implementation of projects and programs so that they are aligned with project targets in terms of scope, time, and cost that established in the early stages of planning. PMO also serves to ensure that the results and benefits of a project or program are achieved in accordance with the objectives of company management. 

At the operational level, PMO provides basic support to ensure that each individual in the project runs or carries out the project professionally and properly by applying the principles of project management governance that are widely accepted and agreed upon by all stakeholders. At the tactical level, PMO adds further value through multi-project coordination and management of inter-project dependencies. This includes the integration of resources throughout the project and ensuring that project management disciplines are adhered to and properly implemented. 

The PMO strategy for organizational excellence will involve all operational and tactical aspects that are equipped with the authority to prioritize projects in relation to company goals and strategies as well as to provide management with insight into the feasibility of project investment through strategic assessments and potential business risks. 

Development and Implementation of PMO & Data Quality at iForte Infotek Solutions  

iForte Solusi Infotek has implemented PMO & Data Quality to facilitate the increased success of a project through a consistent business process of developing procedures and work tools based on aspects of scope, quality, cost, time, and customer satisfaction. The PMO is responsible for assisting and maintaining the company's focus on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of project management. 

Supported by consistent tools, business processes, and competent resources, iForte Solusi Infotek will provide a higher project success rate, through more effective project implementation and more efficient project costs to increase profits and maintain the company's business continuity. 

In terms of development, planning, and implementation of PMO in iForte Solusi Infotek, PMO & Data Quality and all work units will be integrated and synergized by:

1. Establishing PMO & Data Quality visions and strategies

PMO & Data Quality was formed to carry out business activities in connection with the implementation of project management at iForte Solusi Infotek, where the implementation will involve various divisions or work units, namely Sales, Project, Operational, Finance & Accounting and IT.

2. Preparing PMO & Data Quality program plans

The PMO & Data Quality program plan is to support the implementation of projects and programs so that they can be aligned with project targets related to scope, time, and cost which are established in the early stages of planning and to ensure that the results and benefits of the project or program are achieved in accordance with the objectives of company management. 

PMO & Data Quality performs a process of improvement and development of data in a project carried out through consistent and sustainable governance and business processes. The correct data quality and business processes from a project or program will generate the right reports and analysis, to be used by iForte Solusi Infotek as Business Performance & Analysis. 

3. Establishing plans and priorities

The big problem faced by iForte Solusi Infotek in the early stages of planning and prioritizing PMO & Data Quality aims to improve the implementation of project management for the better. In its implementation, PMO & Data Quality will carry out a process of identification, analysis, solution, and evaluation of a problem.   

4. Assisting and facilitating project organization

PMO & Data Quality applies a precise and consistent methodology to manage project management in the aspects of cost, time, scope, and quality of projects or programs at iForte Solusi Infotek.

5. Sharing knowledge

PMO & Data Quality also accommodates the process of sharing knowledge acquired in a project or program to all related work units at iForte Solusi Infotek to ensure better performance and results for future projects.

After the operation and implementation of PMO & Data Quality, to maintain the continuity of the iForte Solusi Infotek business that is in line with the company's vision and mission, supervision, maintenance, and improvement of work patterns through a periodic audit process will be carried out by collecting and analyzing metrics as part of the project results or program.

By Nia Puspitasari, Head of PMO & Data Quality, iForte Solusi Infotek