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Saturday, 25 September 2021 01:04

Event Recap: Walking Together in Good Health

Throughout the month of August, iForte virtually held the first iteration of its charity walk event, "Walking Together in Good Health" (Melangkah Bersama Sehati). Company employees, alongside select clients were challenged to reach 76,000 steps within a month. This goal was to be achieved independently by participants whilst still following local health & safety regulations. Participants could achieve the targeted goal through walking around their homes, or at a running track, etc. For every 76,000 steps reached individually, iForte will allocate 760,000 rupiah to be donated to charity.

At the end of the event, iForte had recorded a total of 11,261,734 participating steps, with more than 100 participants achieving the event's target of 76,000. From those achievers, 13 were able to double their steps from the expected goal and 4 obtained a total of above 200,000 steps. 

We hope that the donations obtained by this event can be of help to those in need. Additionally, we hope that “Walking Together in Good Health” has helped to motivate you in continuing to live healthily, one step at a time.

⁣⁣The collage above feature just a few of those who have participated in iForte’s “Walking Together in Good Health” event.